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At EIG we understand how the right information system can benefit schools, that’s why we have partnered with OneWorldSIS and Microsoft to provide a comprehensive information system that is tailor-made for educational institutions. Our extensive experience in training and implementation makes integrating or migrating OneWorldSIS to your institution simple and stress free. With continued support post-implementation, we serve not just as consultants, but also as a technological and strategic partner for you organization.

If you are not familiar with student information systems and would like to request a demo send us a message!  

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Built on the powerful, reliable and extendable Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, OneWorldSIS represents a paradigm shift in the way educational institutions manage the complete student lifecycle. OneWorldSIS delivers educational solutions that enable users and constituents to achieve the most optimal organizational processes possible. OneWorldSIS takes tracking data such as student information, the student life cycle, and class projections. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the foundation of this partnership. Utilizing the custom relationship management system that empowers business to personalize relationships and increase productivity through an all-in-one business management solution, OneWorldSIS has transformed the software to similarly streamline enrollment, finances, employee and student data, class management, and much more all under one cloud using the same user-friendly software.

With OWSIS as our tool, we’ve set out to work closely with schools and their internal teams to deliver a student information system that increase productivity, efficiency and streamlines the student lifecycle from recruitment to graduation and beyond. Built to scale, we customize OWSIS to fit the unique needs of each of our clients. With remote implementation we’re able to finis quickly and work around your schedule.

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